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About Our Inspiring Self-Help Books

Moon River Publishing publishes and sells books and is here to help people. We dedicate to improving world health. We sell inspiring self-help books by David Rives. Learn more about our top-selling products, "Walk Yourself Fit" and "The Discontented Rabbit." For questions and inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us.

About Our Company

Moon River was formed in 1990 with the publication of its first title—Walk Yourself Thin—which has since morphed into Walk Yourself Fit— followed a year later by Dying For A Smoke—with both books targeted at helping people change their lives for the better—and to do so in the most effective, most entertaining way possible.

About Our Books

Walk Yourself Fit
In the words of the Editorial Director of the Prevention Book Club: 
"This is by far one of the most inspiring books on walking we've offered. Guaranteed to motivate anyone who picks it up."
'Nuff said? 


What Your Neighbors Have Been Saying About Walk Yourself Fit

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Walk Yourself Fit

Dying For A Smoke
Like it says on the cover: 
"The book the tobacco companies are praying you'll never read!"
Because the author "takes you by the hand" and walks you seamlessly from the "smoking world" to the "non-smoking universe," so you can finally start living the life you were put here to live, not the one the tobacco companies tricked you into living!

Both books are available as actual books and eBooks -- on this website, as well as through Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.
For more information, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Dying for a Smoke

Upcoming Books

The Discontented Rabbit by David Rives

The Discontented Rabbit

A beautifully-illustrated book (click here for preview copy), with a powerful, universal message: "Make the most of the gifts you were given, and don't drive yourself crazy over the ones you weren't!"  

Available July 2019

Why God Made Everything

Why God Made Everything

A book that will do nothing less than change the way you look at the world
World-class illustrations by Mark Fredrickson and Tom Newsom, accompanied by sayings that will make you smile and make you think. (click here for preview copy)

Available in Spring 2022

About the Author

David Rives is a graduate of the University of Michigan (B.S., Cellular Biology), where he also attended Medical School, before heading west, where, with the help of Someone, he managed to walk himself fit, and knows that you can too.

David Rives

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